My Custom CSS, PHP & ADS

Now Your favorite plugin has new features! Not only can you easily edit CSS, but you can create and insert PHP snippets and ad units using conditional logic.

Why do you need this plugin?

  • Enable to add Custom CSS Code via admin panel with Ace ( Cloud9 Editor) + backup and static file cache
  • Insert Headers and Footers
  • Insert Google Analytic Tracking code, Yandex Metrica Tracking Code, Yandex Counter to Header, Footer.
  • Insert PHP Code Snippets and execute on your website. Register PHP functions, classes, global variables everywhere.
  • Insert Social media widgets, add any external resources widgets.
  • Insert Facebook Pixels, Facebook Scripts, Facebook og:image Tag, Google Conversion Pixels, Vk Pixels.
  • Show or hide code snippets based on conditional logic.
  • You can save templates of posts or page builders, quotes, and galleries to re-use them on your website.

New feature

Now the plugin has a full-fledged advertising functionality. Now you can not only create and edit PHP snippets, but also to place advertising code using shortcodes or conditional logic. You are not limited in the number of ad units.

Insert Google AdSense Ads, Amazon Native Shopping Contextual Ads, Yandex Direct Ads, on your website.

Interface has changed!

"Fantastic helper!."

I use this plugin since many years and love it, because it saved my changes over all themes and WP updates. Ok, sometimes I have to include an !important so that the rule will be executed, but then it works perfect.